Our Group of companies are organized as Strategic Business Units that address different verticals. These SBU’s are organized as indepe-ndent companies but have a strong operational and management integration.         
  WELCOME To Terron Microsystems  
Welcome to the world of Terron Microsystems. A world that envisages smart devices and smart system changing the way we live, work and manage our assets.

Increasingly control devices are being networked to create remotely managed networks giving a new meaning to M2M dialog. Frontier technologies like GSM, CDMA and GPS have given a virtually new meaning to how asset manage-ment has become mobile and how mobile assets are managed. Terron creates these smart devices and makes them manageable on the move and creates new innovative systems for transport sector and mobile assets.

In all we push the frontiers of what is possible today, to what will become the norm tomorrow.

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